Smokvica B&B

Wandering around the Smokvica locale zigzagging the olives and grapes, you will pass several medieval churches. A more modern church, constructed in the 1920s, however sits proudly in the centre, on the site of a 17th century church. As well as visiting this large neo-Romanesque Church of the Purification of Our Lady, in its shadows you will find a Baroque Loggia, all which remains of the old Church of Lady of Kandelore.

There are numerous walking, hiking and cycling trails through the countryside of Smokvica and Brna, particularly enjoyable for guests visiting outside the hot summer months. The Smokvica and Brna Tourist Board provide helpful downloadable PDFs for Rambling Paths and Bike Trails on their website -

  Sample the delicious PoŇ°ip (white) or Plavac (red) wines at one of the many producers in this small village. One favourite is the family run Toreta winery, which has a selection of old tools to help you understand the history of wine production and can be visited along with several other tasting rooms in the town.

  The local cultural society in Smokvica continues the long-standing musical and folk traditions of the village. Should you be fortunate to watch a performance of the Kumpanija or hear the voices singing songs of love and the homeland, you will realise that the Dalmatian people are natural performers.

  Spend time enjoying the Mediterranean climate in the Bay of Brna four kilometres from Smokvica. This coastal village caters well for visitors with a few restaurants, cafes and pebble beaches. It is also popular with sailors as the deep bay provides protection for their boats. The bay has an interesting history. The port originally built to ship wine from Smokvica, saw an invasion of Turkish pirates in 1715. The parish priest Don Marko Bono from Zrnovo, along with 23 residents of Smokvica were captured to be sold as slaves. Indeed, he was sold for 100 sequins and later brought back by his relatives for the inflated rate of 141 sequins!

Near to Brna is the smaller Bay of Istruga. Shrouded by pines and other Mediterranean vegetation, with medicinal mud found on the seabed and the cleanest air circulating the bay, this is a very healthy spot for you to relax.

Smokvica is an excellent centre for exploring the Island and is located 4km from the sea in Brna. There are numerous cycling and walking trails close by, and easy access to other sites on the Island.  Among the various activities immediately available locally are:

bike rental

kayak rental
boat rental
scuba diving

fishing trips
fish picnic
wine tasting

traditional dance
klapa singing (a cappela)

We can supply you with information about any of these upon request or contact Korcula Explorer at for information on booking a specific tour interest.

Most visitors think of July and August for their holiday, but have you considered taking a break in spring or autumn? In spring, the weather is beautiful, the skies are blue and the hillside is covered in wild flowers. In the autumn, there is a mellow atmosphere and, depending on when you come, you may have the opportunity to watch, or even help with, the grape harvest. It is not as hot as high summer and therefore more conducive for physical activities such as cycling or walking. We do swim in the sea between April and November, but it tends to be a little brisk at the two extremes! All in all, we are able to offer you an easy-going, relaxing break.

If you have any questions, please email or ring us. English is spoken, some French and limited German.