Smokvica B&B

 How Did You End Up Here?

That is the question that people constantly ask us.

Separately, we had both visited the old Jugoslavia and Croatia in earlier years, but in 2006 we spent several weeks together wandering around Croatia . We fell in love with Dalmatia! The people, the lifestyle, the country side, are all enchanting. And, of course, don’t forget the wine! Even though we – an American and a Brit - lived in beautiful Oregon, we were nostalgic for Croatia once we returned home and our visit seemed to have reignited John's heritage.  His grandparents had migrated from Croatia at the start of the last century.

On a whim, we came back soon after and bought an old stone house in Smokvica. The house needed complete renovation which we did over a period of time, both by returning to Smokvica periodically to work on it ourselves and by directing the work long distance from Oregon. The more time we spent here, the more we grew to love the life here and in 2010, we decided to move permanently to Smokvica where we now live all year. Life is  peaceful and stress free. There is so much pleasure in the little things that are missed in a modern, hectic life.

Come and visit us so that we can share the delights and peace of our Island life  .